Nick Viall explains how Natalie Joy managed to find her way into his direct messages

Nick Viall claims that his girlfriend is a DM REPELLANT!

Not every DM will result in a romantic relationship. Nick Viall, on the other hand, was extremely fortunate.

The Bachelor alum and host of The Viall Files podcast discussed how DMs led to his romance with Natalie Joy on the latest episode of E! News’ digital series Down in the DMs.

“I think DMs are a fantastic place to meet people,” he said. My current girlfriend managed to find her way into my direct messages. It said, very cleverly, “You’re unreal.” It was amusing, I suppose. “I was more curious about why I wasn’t real.”

Nick joked that after almost two years with Natalie, she can sometimes act like “DM repellent in the best way possible.”

“If anyone was trying to get into my DMs in any romantic way,” he continued, “you’d probably know after one look at my Instagram that you’re wasting your time.”

The reality star has learned social media etiquette over the years, such as sending only one follow-up message to an unread DM before calling it a day.

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“I understand if you want to move it to the top of their inbox because it’s possible they didn’t notice it,” he added. “But other than that, they might as well decide they’re not interested.”

When he opted to shoot his shot with actress Olivia Munn over DMs in 2019, when he was “very single,” he learnt the hard way.

“‘This year, I’m going for broke.’ ‘How about a drink at some point?'” He sent a message to The Rook actress, who is now dating comedian John Mulaney. I’m quite sure she saw it, laughed, and said, ‘No way.’ Then, later, I inquired if she wanted to be on the podcast, and she didn’t respond.

Did Nick receive a message from yet another celebrity who expressed interest in coming on his podcast? Ashely Benson, from Pretty Little Liars. He revealed, “I heard she was a Bachelor fan.” I wasn’t expecting her to respond, but she did, and I thought to myself, ‘That’s such a tease.’ Anyway, Ashely, if you’d like to join my podcast, I’d be delighted to have you. “

Nick also advises individuals not to be afraid to be creative in their DMs. “I think a voice memo note is a fairly unique and clever technique to get into someone’s DMs,” he remarked.

He does not, however, recommend sending a DM to an ex. Never, ever, ever, Have you had a previous hookup? “That’s great, I suppose,” he stated. “There’s a big difference between an ex and someone you used to hook up with on the side with no strings attached.” If you’re both feeling under the weather, go ahead and warm each other up and slide. “