Nicki Minaj Responds to criticism after praising Coi Leray for being a trendsetter

Nicki Minaj Addresses Negative Comments After She Credited Coi Leray For Being A Trendsetter

Girls assisting other girls! Nicki Minaj has never been shy about expressing her admiration for other female rappers.

Nicki Minaj dropped a few gems and got very personal during her latest interview with Joe Budden, all while making time to pay respect to rapper Coi Leray. Nicki talked about how she saw Coi was setting cultural trends.

“I had no idea Coi Leray launched the braids craze.” That was new to me. After then, I believe someone told me. Because I was on sabbatical and such. I returned.

“I noticed everyone was wearing a certain type of braid, and I didn’t realize Coi Leray was the one who originated those braids,” she stated to Joe. “Are people saying to the fashion people, ‘This girl right here?'” she continued.

“REAL NI**AAA,” Coi said as she saw Nicki embrace her and walked into The Shade Room. Despite the fact that the event was intended to be fun, several people accused Coi of not being the creator of the hairdo. “Who said she’s a trendsetter?”

one person wondered. You’re going too far with this.” Nicki was having none of it and took to her Instagram story to defend Coi.

“God, please free your people from the chains of not understanding the difference between “creating a trend” and being the first human on the globe to do something,” Nicki wrote.

“Father God, it’s me again,” she continued. Please free your people from the chains of not understanding the distinction between “jumping on a fad” and “featuring on a song.”

She closed her statement by announcing the arrival of a new section on Queen Radio called the Black Trendsetter Award. Coi seemed to agree with Nicki’s statement and expressed her delight about the prize on Twitter. Do you agree with Nicki’s assessment of Coi as a trailblazer, roommates?