Nipsey Hussle’s daughter’s mother took this step in regards to guardianship

The Mother Of Nipsey Hussle’s Daughter Made This Move Regarding Guardianship

Nipsey Hussle’s daughter’s mother has made a new move in regards to the present guardianship. The Shade Room’s most recent reports are listed below.

According to TSR, “The end of the month will mark the third anniversary of the late Nipsey Hussle’s death,” While his legacy lives on, his family continues to battle for the right to take care of his daughter. The custody of his daughter, Emani Asghedom, is still up for grabs in the Asghedom family.

As the mother of 13-year-old daughter Tanisha Foster, Tanisha is said to be against the current guardianship agreement in place. It gives Nipsey’s brother Sam Asghedom, as well as other family members, custody of the girl.

In a recent petition, Tanisha made some bold assertions about herself and Nipsey. Another problem raised by Tanisha in the lawsuit is Nipsey’s family’s disdain for her and preference for Lauren London, “according to TSR.”

“Leave that girl alone, ma’am, because it’s going to be three years,” someone said. “Calm down, sis, she’s OK.”

One commentator wrote: “How are you attempting to get your child back based on how someone feels about another lady?”

“At this stage, the kid is old enough to determine whether she wants to be in the care of her mother or her father’s family,” added another supporter.

“The same mother who threw her daughter out of the house and had her wait outside till she was through cleaning?” asked another.

His daughter won’t be a free meal ticket for you and your other kids, “an admirer said.”

Lauren London was celebrating the birthday of her and Nipsey Hussle’s son, Kross, towards the end of 2021. Take a look at what she posted on her Instagram account.

One fan tweeted, “A virgooooo happy shared bday Kross,” while another added, “Happy birthday, fortunate Prince.”

Warm hugs!! You, too, sis, have a wonderful birth day!!