Olivia Culpo Praises NFL Husband Christian McCaffrey for “Restoring My…

Olivia Culpo Praises NFL Husband Christian McCaffrey for “Restoring My Faith in Love”

The I Feel Pretty actress celebrated three years with boyfriend Christian McCaffrey, a Carolina Panthers pro football player, by writing the anniversary post that ended all anniversary posts on June 23.

“I was not looking for a relationship three years ago,” she wrote on Instagram before recounting their love story.

Olivia claims that it all began when her best friends, model Kristen Louelle and NFL player Tyler Gaffney, called her and “asked if I would be open to meeting their friend Christian.”

Olivia, on the other hand, was skeptical. “I was nervous,” she admitted. I was afraid it would be the same old story and that all the guys would be the same. Despite my low expectations, I knew I couldn’t close myself off and make decisions based on fear.

So she took a chance on the setup, and, surprisingly, it worked out. In fact, one of her favorite photos of her now-boyfriend was taken the night they met.

“I love this photo,” she captioned it, which showed Christian leaning against a mantelpiece while dressed in a grey tee, black ripped jeans, and white sneakers.

Olivia explained that Kristen took the photo “while he wasn’t looking, waiting to meet me for the first time.”

Olivia described Christian as “so sweet, vulnerable, and humble,” noting that he even brought her roses on their first date.

Three years later, it’s clear he’s the one for her.

“I’m so grateful for the voice inside me telling me to give love another chance,” Olivia wrote in her tribute post. “You are the yin to my yang, the epitome of strength through humility.”

The 30-year-old continued, “You are everything I ever dreamed of and more,” thanking Christian for “being my rock and restoring my faith in love.”

If you need any more proof that Olivia scored a total touchdown in the game of love, she recently spoke with E! News about what makes their relationship work so well.

“We get into bed around 7:30 every day,” Olivia revealed in February. “We started watching Harry Potter after watching the Harry Potter reunion. We’re a bunch of nerds. “

Aside from her obsession with Hogwarts, what else does she adore about her athletic soulmate? “He works so hard,” she said.

“Being an athlete requires extreme discipline, which he possesses.” It takes a lot of hard work and passion, and you’re basically watching someone carry out their life vision. “

That vision is undoubtedly coming together.

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