On Twitter, Tyreek Hill responded flawlessly to the bizarre touchdown pass…

On Twitter, Tyreek Hill responded flawlessly to the bizarre touchdown pass from Patrick Mahomes

Even though Tyreek Hill no longer resides in Kansas City, he still enjoys watching Patrick Mahomes score touchdowns for the Chiefs.

It should go without saying, but Patrick Mahomes is an extraordinarily talented football player.

At this point, it appears that Mahomes is to football what Prince was to popular music; he simply makes an extremely difficult job like being an NFL quarterback appear simple. And despite their brilliance, both fell out of favor almost as soon as their levels of popularity peaked.

The quarterback, who was rated as the eighth-best in the league, continued to show us how foolish it was to rank him lower than the top when he threw five touchdown passes in Week 1.

The first was a scramble that preserved an otherwise futile play and resulted in a sidearm touchdown toss from Mahomes.

The second was a 50-yard dime toss to Justin Watson, the kind of throw that nearly always results in an overthrow, but Mahomes delivered it with perfect placement for a touchdown.

It’s enough crazy to watch Mahomes perform in real time, but replaying touchdown throws of this nature only serves to highlight how amazing they are.

Mahomes blasted that 50-yard touchdown pass without ever setting foot on the ground, as JA Adande noted:

Someone who once had a front-row seat to Mahomes’ excellence was among many who were impressed with him.

Mahomes has engaged in so many bizarre activities on a regular basis that it has become anticipated. Although we are numb to his excellence, Hill’s response is ideal.

Someone who is letting the greatness speak for itself has experienced this greatness firsthand, frequently as the recipient.

He acknowledges that this is just how Mahomes functions and that he is, like Prince, operating on a plane of existence that is considerably higher than everyone else who does what he does. He is not particularly surprised by it.

In spite of the fact that they now wear different uniforms on Sunday, it’s comforting to know that Hill is keeping tabs on his former teammate and is prepared to show him love.