Peyton Manning went insane after the Broncos failed to use a timeout

Peyton Manning, a former quarterback for the Denver Broncos, begged his former team to take a timeout against the Seattle Seahawks late in the fourth quarter.

For the Denver Broncos, it was the beginning of what was intended to be a thrilling campaign. After a deal with the Seattle Seahawks, they acquired great quarterback Russell Wilson, who will aid in their return to the playoffs.

Denver had the opportunity to beat Seattle and earn their first victory of the year.Instead, the Broncos were trounced 17-16 by the Seahawks. Denver’s final drive of the game will undoubtedly be the game’s pivotal moment.

The Broncos had all three of their timeouts available as they faced a fourth-and-five situation close to midfield.

Instead, head coach Nathaniel Hackett let the remaining time in the game to dwindle to under 30 seconds.Peyton Manning begged the Broncos to take a timeout on the “Manningcast.”

At the conclusion of the Seahawks game, Peyton Manning begged with the Broncos to take a timeout

If you thought that choice was perplexing, Hackett then made a choice that would truly send Broncos supporters into a tailspin.

Wilson, who the team extended his deal for $245 million and who has made some spectacular clutch plays throughout his career, was not given the ball by Hackett, who instead chose to have kicker Brandon McManus try a 64-yard field goal instead. The kick failed miserably.

Prior to Monday night, McManus has only converted one of seven career attempts from inside of 60 yards. He is currently one for eight.

The Broncos will carry this defeat with them all week long. With a dominant victory over the Houston Texans in Week 1, they will have the opportunity to put everything behind them.