Porsha Williams wishes Yandy Smith, her soul sister, a happy birthday

Porsha Williams Wishes A Happy Birthday To Her Soul Sister, Yandy Smith

Yandy Smith, Porsha Williams’ soul sister, received a birthday greeting from Porsha Williams. Take a look at the post she made on her social media account.

To my lovely sister, @yandysmith, I wish you a very happy birthday. ‘ “I adore you and can’t wait to meet you,” she wrote.

# soulsister, “someone said. I’m in love with you. Oh, and when we arrive, it’ll be a great celebration. I’m too proud and blessed not to rejoice. ‘

One reviewer wrote, “Please Yandy, take after your newborn son. He’s the one actually going to love you for life. Please protect him. He doesn’t look like he’s being safeguarded.”

“Happy Birthday Yandy, wishing you many more delights!” exclaimed another admirer.

“Happy Birthday, @yandysmith,” remarked someone else. Have a wonderful day and many more blessings to come. ‘

Porsha Williams has nothing but praise for her mother and daughter. Take a look at the touching post she made on her social media account.

“A mother’s and a daughter’s most valuable blessings” I can’t believe PJ will be three years old on the 22nd!! “She’s definitely giving me baby fever. # MyBesties,” Porsha tweeted.

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Porsha Williams is informing her fans and Instagram followers of some vital news. Take a look at the video below.

I know you’re feeling the same way we are right now, today, and tomorrow as we watch @equiano.stories. You understand that our story does not begin with slavery; rather, it begins with liberation.

You can hear Equiano share his genuine story from 1756 in a modern way on Instagram right now. Equiano, thank you so much! Porsha said, “Join me right now so we can help make his voice echo # equianoambassador.”