Q&A: A Small Price for Sitting Pretty

Q&A: A Small Price for Sitting Pretty

Q. Why accomplish that many individuals cross their legs after they sit? Are there well being penalties?
A. Whereas some individuals say they discover it extra snug to cross their legs on the ankles or knees whereas sitting, generally the place is habitually chosen due to customized, etiquette or modesty.
A current demonstration of the facility of etiquette over leg place got here at this 12 months’s royal wedding ceremony in England. A majority of the grownup ladies within the British royal household rigorously select to sit down with crossed ankles or shut flat ft.
The well being influence of crossing the legs has been debated, however most consultants dismiss it as minor. For instance, blood stress is elevated when legs are crossed on the knees, however barely and briefly. Varicose veins outcome from inborn vein traits, not leg place.

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