Remy Ma claims that while it is “not important” for female rappers to write…

Remy Ma Says “it’s Not Important” For Female Rappers To Write Their Own Lyrics But That She Writes Hers

Remy Ma claims that while it is “not important” for female rappers to write their own lyrics, she does so.

In the hip-hop industry, especially in the rap game, pushing your own pen has been a long-debated matter.

In a recent chat with MC and podcast host Math Hoffa, musician Remy Ma shared her thoughts on the subject. The 13-minute movie opened with a “difficult question” from Math, which was released on March 1.

“All right, let’s get down to business. Math enquired, “How vital is it for a female to write her own lyrics?”

Remy replied, “It’s not important.”

At this point, Math delved deeper into the subject, asking, “Is it really that important?” Then he asked, “Has anyone ever written for you?” “No,” Remy Ma replied.

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Remy said no again when Math asked whether she would allow someone to write for her. The discussion went back and forth between the value of writing one’s own words and Remy’s decision to use her own pen. She explained once more that she has never had somebody write for her, but that she has “written for other people.”

“No, it’s not significant,” Remy Ma explained, “but I just feel like nobody writes better than me.”

When Math and other guests pointed out that Remy’s claims contradicted each other, the female rapper confirmed her position.

“I’m not saying I wouldn’t take it…

“There have been situations when producers have a hook that’s already there or anything like that,” Remy explained. “However, I simply feel like I like the way I think and how my mind works, so it’s something I do.” It’s just what I do for a living.”

Remy went on to explain why she thinks she should write her own work.

“Does it make a difference to me?” Remy Ma confirmed, “Yes.” “I’m going to look at you insane if I find out you don’t write your sh*t.” I’m going to treat you in a unique way. Personally, I don’t think so. In the broad scheme of things, in the world, no, but don’t talk to me like your pen is made of gold, because I’ll talk to you like a lunatic. But that makes no difference.”