Robber Kim Kardashian Charges Star With Being Responsible For Historic…

Robber Kim Kardashian Charges Star With Being Responsible For Historic Paris Hotel Robbery

One of the thieves in the 2016 Kim Kardashian hotel heist in Paris has claimed that his well-known victim committed the crime and said she “should be a little less showy.”

Kim Kardashian received a nearly two-year prison sentence for the dramatic $10 million robbery in which attackers acting as police officers tied up Kim Kardashian and placed her in her hotel room bathtub.

“I was only there to get the money because she was throwing it away. Guilty? In an interview with VICE News that was made public on Saturday, Abbas snorted, “No, I’m not bothered.”

According to him, Kardashian and other well-known people who flaunt their wealth online ought to be “a little less pompous toward others who can’t afford it.” It can be provoking for certain people.

The $10 million worth of jewelry that was stolen from Kardashian by the burglars, all of whom were over 60 and were dubbed the “grandpa gangsters” on social media, included the $4 million, 20-carat engagement ring that Kanye West gave her.

Abbas, who is in his late 60s, was one of the 12 people detained for the Paris Fashion Week swindle. Due to clear heart-related health difficulties, he was allowed to leave prison after serving 22 months.

He said the group utilized the Internet to find Kardashian and rob her after noting how much jewelry she flaunted on social media.

While his associates detained the reality star in the bathtub, Abbas remained downstairs in the hotel to act as a watchman.

Madame Kardashian’s secretary requested assistance. She did, however, contact 911 in the US, alarming us and costing them a lot of time. The man said that when we departed, there were several police officers outside who were not aware of the robbery.

Kardashian has frequently talked about the upsetting incident, saying it made her anxious and terrified.