Ryan Coogler is seen being detained by police in a video

Video Footage Shows Ryan Coogler Being Detained By Police

In a video acquired by TMZ, Black Panther director Ryan Coogler appears shocked as police officers approach him in January as he seeks to withdraw $12,000 from his account.

Coogler is handcuffed and taken to the squad car after officers approach him. He sits in the back and requests an officer to remove his glasses because he is having a panic attack.

Officers should also check Google and look at Coogler’s badge to identify him. The note was given to the teller by the director because he didn’t want a huge sum of money counted in front of everyone.

Coogler was eventually released when the details were ironed out.

The director recently reported that Bank of America resolved the issue to his satisfaction and that all parties involved had gone on. “This issue should never have happened in the first place.” Bank of America, on the other hand, worked with me and resolved the issue to my satisfaction, and we’ve moved on,” the company said in a statement to TMZ.

According to records acquired by TMZ, the event occurred after Ryan attempted to withdraw a big sum of money from his bank account.

Ryan entered the bank wearing sunglasses and a face mask and scribbled a note on the back of a withdrawal form. “I would like to withdraw $12,000 cash from my bank account,” the note purportedly stated. Please count the money in a different location. I’d prefer to be unnoticed.”

Unfortunately, this prompted the teller to believe there was an attempted robbery when she went to perform the transaction on her computer, which activated an alarm. The teller, a black woman, then told her boss, who subsequently contacted the authorities.