Saweetie Says She Was “Shocked” When She Found Out She Was Nominated…

Saweetie Reveals She Was “in Shock” After Learning That She Was Nominated For Two Grammy Awards

Saweetie Says She Was “Shocked” When She Found Out She Was Nominated For Two Grammys

We’re only a few weeks away from the Grammys in 2022, and Saweetie, who has two Grammy nominations, recently talked up on the challenges she’s experienced on her path to become a well-known artist.

While she appreciates the recognition, Saweetie admitted that she was taken aback when she found out she was nominated for best new artist and best rap song for her collaboration with Doja Cat.

“It’s always good to get appreciated when you work extremely hard,” Saweetie remarked on PEOPLE’s Every Day podcast.

She went on to say that she was “shocked” when the nominees were announced and she saw her name on the list! In an interview with Elle magazine, she also recalled the incident.

“I was actually dozing off.” I had no idea they were going to be released the next morning, so I awoke to a rush of missed calls and text messages congratulating me. So I think that was a moment in and of itself, and I’m just thrilled to be recognized,” she explained.

Despite how “glamorous” stardom may appear, Saweetie revealed how difficult it is for an artist to build a successful career.

“I just feel like we have it tough as artists,” she told PEOPLE. “I feel like we’re in the spotlight all the time, and people think it’s glamorous when there are a lot of unpleasant things going on behind the scenes,” she says.

“Hopefully you have a terrific team,” she concluded. Hopefully, you’re not being overcharged by the creatives you’re working with. It’s as though everyone in the vicinity has to pay for this. That’s something you’ll have to pay for.”

Saweetie has had a great start to the year, winning Billboard’s 2022 game changer award for her achievements to music! Saweetie collected the prize with her gorgeous mother by her side, and thanked her followers for their continuing support, as previously reported.