Smith, who slapped Chris Rock, makes people believe that minorities…

Fat Joe States Smith, Who Slapped Chris Rock, Makes People Think That Minorities “don’t Know How To Act

Smith, who slapped Chris Rock, makes people believe that minorities “don’t know how to act,” according to Fat Joe

It’s been nearly two weeks since Will Smith slapped Chris Rock on stage during this year’s Oscars, much to the surprise of viewers all across the world, and hundreds of celebrities have weighed in on the episode since then.

Fat Joe has officially been added to the lineup. When asked about his thoughts on the subject, Fat Joe replies that while he admires Will Smith, his actions against Chris Rock make people feel marginalized and helpless.

@TMZ TV approached Fat Joe on the street, where he was the most recent celebrity, to inquire about his thoughts on Will Smith’s slapping incident with Chris Rock.

When asked if Will’s actions had a bad impact on minorities, Fat Joe began by praising Will as a “wonderful person” before admitting that he believes Will’s behaviors have a negative impact on people of color.

“Unfortunately, that’s what happened,” he continued, “but people are seeing that we don’t know what to do.”

“It’s unfortunate because Will is such a handsome man, but he was targeted because, you know, we’ve come a long way and we’re encouraging everyone to respect us,” says the group. I could understand if it had been 50 Cent or Fat Joe.

Will Smith, on the other hand, He’s the best we’ve got. So, it’s awful what happened to [Smith], because he deserved it-he battled hard, worked hard his entire life, and set a tremendous example for us.

As we previously reported, the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences formally chose to punish Will Smith two weeks later. He was also barred from attending any Oscar or Academy-related events for the next ten years.