Stephen Colletti of Laguna Beach debuts a new girlfriend following Kristin Cavallari’s…

Stephen Colletti of Laguna Beach debuts a new girlfriend following Kristin Cavallari’s romance rumors

On August 17, Stephen Colletti, 36, dispelled romance rumors involving Kristin Cavallari by posting a selfie with his new leading woman.

The NASCAR writer Alex Weaver was revealed to be the Laguna Beach star’s girlfriend, and the two appeared thrilled in the sunset picture. “Magic hours are a little more magical this year,” he said in the post’s caption. Swoon!

In the charming “golden hour” photograph, Alex grinned at the camera while holding onto her man’s arm. You could see the broad ocean behind the new couple, giving the impression that they were on a boat.

Stephen wore a black long-sleeve shirt, green slacks, and traditional black sunglasses as part of a casual ensemble. Alex, on the other hand, had a radiant complexion, a striped blouse, and gold jewelry, making her seem boat glam-ready. His girlfriend also left the “luckiest female” comment on the post.

Since 2017, Alex, who received his degree from Clemson University in 2016, has been employed by NASCAR. According to her LinkedIn website, the stunning blonde began her career as a Senior Coordinator/Digital Host before progressing to her host and reporter positions.

We must admit that we are impressed by Alex because she previously worked at ESPN as an on-air talent and contributor.

Stephen Colletti

Stephen Colletti of “Laguna Beach” on the red carpet. (AFF-USA/Shutterstock)

In the 2004 television program Laguna Beach, Stephen and Kristin were once linked. In addition, Stephen continues to collaborate with Kristin on a podcast called “Back to the Beach,” even though the show was cancelled 16 years ago.

On July 19, the two were watching an episode together while sipping tequila and discussing their favorite episodes.

Many of the cast members, notably Lauren Conrad, 36, Lo Bosworth, 35, Stephen, and Kristin, became well-known thanks to the 2004–2007 television series Laguna Beach. On the brand-new podcast, both Kristin and Stephen have been discussing their former union, and Kristin believes that the program inaccurately depicted their connection.

In the episode that aired on July 26, Kristin commented, “I remember being really irritated about the way they always made it sound like we were fighting, or just, like, we were so poisonous to each other.” ” Yes, we went through our belongings, but we also had some really wonderful moments.

And I am aware that there are several situations later in the season where they do genuinely demonstrate our virtues. And I’ve always been pleased by that. And I’d think, “Finally, people can see us for who we really are.” Like, we wouldn’t still be together if we were so toxic. Read More