“Suck It!” says Macy Gray to those who continue to criticize her National Anthem…

Macy Gray Responds To Those Who Are Still Criticizing Her National Anthem Performance—“suck It!”

“Suck It!” says Macy Gray to those who continue to criticize her National Anthem performance.

Macy Gray is clapping back at all those who are still criticizing her unique rendition of the national anthem, weeks after it went viral.

Macy Gray used social media to share a small video in which she stated unequivocally that she is unfazed by the jokes and dragging.

Even though the NBA All-Star Game was a few weeks ago, basketball fans are still debating Macy Gray’s rendition of the national anthem. It’s reasonable to say that the majority of the feedback she’s received about her performance has been negative—and after brushing it off in the past, Macy is now taking a more direct approach.

In a recent TikTok video, Macy didn’t hold back when describing how she felt about social media users leaving critical comments on her page.

In the title of her video, she stated that she had a “special” message for her detractors, saying, “All I can say to y’all is, honestly, go suck it, you know what I mean.” Suck on a big one. You are welcome to lick my pinky toe. “Let me introduce you to my finger, whichever you like.”

If you viewed the now-viral video, you’ll see that several NBA players, including league superstar LeBron James, looked to be laughing at Macy Gray during her performance, but it’s unclear what he was laughing at.