Taylor Lautner Explains Why He Took A Break After The Twilight Saga

One of the most well-liked boys on the planet at one point was Taylor Lautner. He gained a sizable fan base right after playing Jacob Black in the first Twilight movie back in 2008, especially among adolescent girls.

Things became even more intense when he appeared in New Moon, the second installment of the Twilight Saga, where he spent a lot of time without a shirt on. Taylor was only a teenager when Twilight was being filmed, and he had never been taught how to deal with the reality of having screaming fans follow him around.

When Taylor thinks back on the experience, he remembers how everything was utterly new to him and how his family kept him grounded and in touch with reality.

Taylor recently told CNN in an interview that she still had to mow the yard and take out the trash when she was at home.

Taylor recalled hearing from his parents, “Your appearance on the big screen is irrelevant to us.” Your chores still need to be done. “

Taylor claimed that it was a difficult challenge for his parents to make him realize that he was more than simply his fame.

My parents unquestionably helped put things in perspective. I believe that even for them, having a 16-year-old going through that was unfamiliar territory, “Taylor stated.

And as it turned out, Taylor needed to distance himself from his obscenely high level of popularity because, after the Twilight Saga concluded, his standing experienced a sharp decrease. During the interview, Taylor used the following words to characterize the phenomenon:

When something is completely taken away from you, you begin to doubt yourself and wonder, “Oh, do others not care about me anymore?” It somewhat fades away. The risky part is when you realize it, since it can seriously muddle your thinking.

Following the Twilight Saga, Taylor made the decision to take a vacation from acting and the entertainment business for a bit in order to reevaluate his priorities and perspective before returning.