The Braves have more good news on Ronald Acua’s injuries

The Atlanta Braves should be delighted with the way Ronald Acua is recovering. Fans will almost definitely be happy with the latest update on his rehabilitation.

Ronald Acua is one of the most intriguing young players the MLB has to offer, and sadly, he hasn’t exactly been able to play for a short bit. Injuries are always horrible, and they have denied baseball fans everywhere of Acua for some time now.

However, the Atlanta Braves, Braves fans, and baseball fans everywhere should be excited with the way Acua’s recovery is going. He’s not there yet, but it’s starting to look like Acua is getting closer and closer to being able to return to action in the big leagues.

But first, it appears like he will need to make a stop at a Triple-A game in Jacksonville, Florida. Along with a few other things that he’ll have to do to demonstrate that he is ready, able, and healthy enough to play for the Braves, Acua will need to make his rehab assignment. That includes playing for the Gwinnett Stripers.

The Atlanta Braves got wonderful news on key player Ronald Acua’s injury

Atlanta is reportedly hoping to have Acua back in the major leagues by the end of May. Do you want a more detailed timetable for his injury? The Braves hope to have Acua ready to play on May 6, according to Ken Rosenthal.

It would be fantastic to see Acua return to the Braves.

Last July, the 24-year-old star tore his ACL and has been out since. When Acua is in good health and able to play, he is a joy to see. Acua posted a.283 batting average and 24 home runs in just 82 games last season.

Get him healthy so he can start hitting more home runs again. The Braves are hoping for it to happen. Baseball fans are rooting for it to happen. There’s little doubt that Acua wants that to happen as well.