The Cast of Ghosts Teases a Season 2 Return for Attic Girl

Woodstone Manor’s teen spirit has arrived, but will it stay?

Stephanie (Odessa A’zion), a teenage spirit who was slain before her prom in the 1980s and now sleeps for months at a time, was revealed as another ghostly tenant at Sam and Jay’s haunted mansion in the April 14 episode of Ghosts, titled “Attic Girl.”

When Stephanie came to Woodstone Manor, she brought with her a huge personality and even bigger hair. Even though Woodstone Manor already had a lot of ghosts, Stephanie was a welcome addition because she had such a big personality and even bigger hair.

So, when we asked Rose McIver, Asher Grodman, and others on the PaleyFest red carpet for the Ghosts panel on April 6, if the deceased high school senior might reappear in future episodes, they gave us hope.

To begin with, Rose, whose character Sam shared multiple moments with Stephanie from Odessa, expressed her desire to see more of her.

Rose continued, “I think she brought a really grounded energy to our otherworldly production.” “She was a joy to work with, and I believe she adds a richness to the group that we don’t have.”

Asher, who plays the pantsless, flirting ghost Trevor, loved the addition because it allowed “the narrative to be flipped on Trevor.” Stephanie, who is locked in her adolescent ghost body and regularly hits on Trevor, keeps reminding him that she would be 53 years old in human years.

When asked about Odessa’s prospective comeback, Asher responded, “I guess we’ve had to check on her schedule.” She’s fully booked. But it was a good time, so come back down. “

Richie Moriarty, who stated that he “expects” Stephanie to return.”Doesn’t she sleep for months at a time?” he inquired. “So, it’ll be a rare event, but I’m confident the authors will find a delightful way to bring her back.”

What can spectators expect from the second season? The team is “just starting up the writers’ room,” according to showrunner Joe Port, but in the following episode, Sam and Jay’s bed and breakfast will finally open, and guests will begin to play a role.

“There are going to be a lot of stories coming in the door,” he said. “And we’re going to learn more about all of the ghosts by delving into their backstories.”

Season two, perhaps, will also delve into a possible Pete-Alberta relationship, as this is what the fans have requested. We talk about ourselves and Danielle Pinnock, who plays Alberta in the movie, when we say that.

“The people on Twitter want to see a tale between Alberta and Al Capone,” she says of her hopes for season two. And I’m hoping Alberta can find out how she feels about Pete. What exactly is going on there? “

Well, we’re looking forward to finding out.