The LAPD was “prepared” to arrest Will Smith at the Oscars, according to Will Packer

[video] Will Packer Says The Lapd Was “prepared” To Arrest Will Smith At The Oscars

As the Will Smith and Chris Rock fiasco unfolds, fresh revelations are emerging daily, the most recent coming from producer Will Packer.

The producer of “Think Like A Man,” who headed the Academy Awards’ first all-black production team on Sunday night, spoke exclusively with ABC News and revealed that the LAPD was ready to arrest Will Smith.

“They were saying, you know, this is a battery, was the word they used at the time,” Packer explained. “They said we’d go get him, and we’re ready.” We’re all set to capture him right now. You have the option of filing charges. We have the authority to detain him.

They were discussing the choices, and Chris was dismissing them as they spoke. “No, I’m alright,” he said. “No, no, no,” he exclaimed.

Packer further alleged that after slapping Will Smith, he did not talk to him directly.

As you may be aware, the Los Angeles Police Department issued a statement on Sunday night stating that “investigative entities were aware” of the event, but that Chris Rock “had declined to submit a police report.”

During a weekly Twitter Q&A session, Tony Rock recently remarked, “It’s on.” “Do you approve of the apology?” one commenter inquired. “No,” Tony replied on Twitter.

When asked if the thangs would remain “professional” or “fight fire with fire,” he replied, “It’s on bro.”When asked what movie he would love to star in, the actor alluded to the film “Swapping Places,” as some felt he was talking about trading places with Chris.

Someone even suggested that Smith’s Oscar be rescinded.

“Not my call,” Tony replied. When someone questioned who hit harder, Smith or Jada’s lover (perhaps referring to August Alsina), he said, “Mama Rock.”

Will Smith has apologized since the event.