The Philippine villa where the series “Bridgerton” was shot is open to the public

Fans Can See The Philippine Villa Where The Series Bridgerton’ Was Recorded

Fans of Netflix’s smash show “Bridgerton” can visit the property for free until April 3.

The second season of the popular Netflix series “Bridgerton,” which recounts the journey of eight brothers searching for love, began on March 25.

The big palaces are the characters of this period series, which takes place in London, England, among several high-society households.

The palaces that serve as recording sets can be found in a variety of places, but the Bridgertons’ estate in Quezon is particularly noteworthy. From 1948 to 1976, the city served as the Philippines’ capital.

If you’re a fan of the show and want to visit the so-called Villa Bridgerton, you can do so on the website until April 3.

For the affluence and glitz of Bridgerton’s high society, the Villa Burgerton page is open to the public from March 25 to April 3.

Visitors will be able to walk through the opulent halls and participate in a variety of activities.

Traveling in a royal carriage, a game of croquet, an orchestra playing music from the 1800s, and access to the Viscount’s suite for people who are having a meal in the villa’s main dining room are all part of this tour.

A video of actress Ivana Alawi taking a tour of an amazing home with wide green grounds was recently released on Netflix Philippines’ YouTube page.