“This Dude Never Know WTF Is Going On With His Business,” Megan Thee Stallion…

Megan Thee Stallion Claps Back At Carl Crawford After He Comments About Their Ongoing Battle In Court: “this Dude Never Know Wtf Is Going On With His Business” 

“This Dude Never Know WTF Is Going On With His Business,” Megan Thee Stallion responds to Carl Crawford’s comments on their ongoing legal battle: “This Dude Never Know WTF Is Going On With His Business.”

Megan Thee Stallion submitted a request to drop her complaint against him and J. Prince without prejudice, according to Carl Crawford, the CEO of 1501 Entertainment, who relayed the news on Tuesday.

“Only the true H-Town can relate,” he wrote in his post, which seemed to have a joyful tone. Now order them to run my bread from the year 2018.”

Megan didn’t take long to notice his remarks and respond with a clap.

Megan retweeted Carl’s post, claiming that he has no idea what’s going on with his business. “The lawsuit that was dismissed against you was from when you weren’t trying to let me drop songs,” she said. You and 300 agreed to sign off and allow me to discontinue music, thus there is no longer a case.”

She did, however, state that their time in court is not finished and that she is the one who is owed money.

“We are most definitely STILL IN COURT, and you are STILL BEING SUED BECAUSE YOU OWE ME MONEY!!” Megan said. IN MY LIFE, I’VE NEVER BEEN PAID FROM 1501! Because I’m MEGAN THEE STALLION, I make money!”

Carl continues to list her successes in his Instagram bio, according to Megan, but he hasn’t contributed to her career since 2018.

Carl has not responded to Megan Thee Stallion since then.

Megan Thee Stallion filed a lawsuit against her label in August, claiming that they were attempting to prevent her from releasing music with K-Pop group BTS. Finally, she was able to release music with the group, and her single “Butter” was released.