Three years in the making, the Pelicans finally get their Twitter retaliation…

Pelicans Get Twitter Revenge On Lakers 3 Years In The Making

Three years in the making, the Pelicans finally get their Twitter retaliation against the Lakers

The New Orleans Pelicans had been waiting three years for their chance to retaliate against Anthony Davis for forcing a trade to the Los Angeles Lakers, and it finally arrived Friday night.

The Los Angeles Lakers were defeated 121-110 by the Phoenix Suns last night, ruining their chances of making the play-in playoffs. The New Orleans Pelicans have been chastised by fans and commentators for their disastrous season, and they made sure to join in last night.

The Pelicans, who have a 35-44 record and will face the Spurs in the play-in game, wasted no time mocking the Lakers’ position and taking digs at their former star on social media.

The retribution of the New Orleans Pelicans

The Pelicans tweeted after the Lakers’ loss that they had made it to the play-in round, but they made sure to include a sub-tweet directed at former Pelican Anthony Davis.

For those who may not recall, Davis wore a shirt with the words “That’s All Folks” in his final game as a Pelican in 2019 before being moved to the Lakers the following summer.

Davis would go on to lead the Lakers to a championship in 2020. The Pelicans have finally gotten their chance to revel in the Lakers’ catastrophic season.

In fact, the Pelicans have gotten a kick out of the Lakers’ misery this season.

With the Lakers out of the postseason picture and the Pelicans still in contention, Pelicans supporters can finally rest easy knowing that Davis got what he deserved, even if it took three years.