To Finish a TV Series Despite Significant Obstacles, Sylvester Stallone’s…

To Finish a TV Series Despite Significant Obstacles, Sylvester Stallone’s Brother Refers to Him As A Genuine Pro

The filming for Sylvester Stallone’s upcoming television series came to a close after a drawn-out process that, in his opinion, was rewarding.

Stallone, 76, shared a video to Instagram of his final day working on the upcoming Paramount+ series Tulsa King with the caption: “This show, which just ended in Oklahoma, was extraordinarily drawn out, difficult, exciting, and mind-blowing. The prolonged absence was beneficial because it gave me a chance to work with outstanding talent both in front of and behind the camera.

Stallone’s younger brother, Frank, an actor and musician, commended him for finishing the project despite “tough challenges” in the comments section. He continued, “We are incredibly proud of you; through tough challenges, the real pros show up and produce. #brotherhood#loyalty

Sylvester Stallone’s spouse, Jennifer Flavin, filed for divorce on August 19 after 25 years of marriage. She continued, “I will always treasure the more than 30-year marriage that we enjoyed, and I feel we are both devoted to our lovely girls, even though we are no longer a pair. As we continue in harmony, I kindly ask for privacy for our family.

Stallone went on to say that he loved his family. Discussions about these private issues remain private and cordial. In her separation file, Flavin, 54, claimed that marital assets had been deliberately depleted.

According to Florida law, this can include actions like lavish spending, gambling, giving gifts, or needlessly borrowing money from a spouse just before a split.

Flavin wants Stallone to be prohibited from selling or utilizing any of their assets while their separation is being handled. She also wants exclusive use of their $35 million Palm Beach home.

Stallone disputed the claim. In response to her divorce petition on August 29, his legal team filed a lawsuit, claiming that the actor “has not engaged in any behavior which shows purposeful dissipation, exhaustion, and/or waste of joint assets.” He also questions her right to exclusive use of the home.