Tony Rock Offers His Opinion On Chris Rock’s And Will Smith’s Oscar Feud

Tony Rock Weighs In On The Oscars Incident Between Chris Rock And Will Smith

Chili, you’re a force to be reckoned with! On Friday, Tony Rock began his stand-up comedy set by reminding the audience about the Oscar slap between his brother Chris and Will Smith.

In exclusive footage from his Raleigh, North Carolina, performance, Tony warns, “If you think you’re going to walk up on this stage, this ain’t the muthaf—ing Oscars.”

And you aren’t nominated for anything except these muthaf—ing hands if you walk your a— up here! He was ecstatic. “Oh, we’re going to pop for the rest of the year,” says the narrator. “Pop!” every time you see me do a show.

He added, throwing his hands in the air, “I didn’t want to start the show like that!” Are you going to beat up on my motherf—ing brother because your bitch gave you the side eye? “

This is Tony’s second time speaking about the incident. Tony gave his insights on what transpired during his Twitter Q&A session, “20 Questions Tuesdays,” earlier this week. When asked if he planned to “fight fire with fire” or go “the professional route,” he said, “It’s on dude.”

Will announced his resignation from the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences in a statement posted hours before the show. Despite his resignation, the Board of Directors is still set to meet on April 18th.