Trolls left negative comments on Cardi B’s daughter’s Instagram account…

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Trolls left negative comments on Cardi B’s daughter’s Instagram account, so she made it private.

Cardi B isn’t interested in the internet backlash directed at her and Offset’s kid Kulture. When you’re a rap superstar, you and your children are unfortunately not safe from trolls.

Cardi B used Twitter today to warn people who were trolling her three-year-old daughter’s Instagram with hateful comments that today would be the final day they could access Kulture’s page.

“I haven’t been checking my daughter’s account, but now I’m going to lock her profile,” Cardi tweeted. I have no idea what’s going on, but I wish your mothers perish for giving birth to you h*e a*s weirdos.” Some of the remarks that Kulture shared on her Facebook were incredible.

“Look at creature Cephus,” one said about the child’s appearance. “I hope your account is disabled,” said another. Kulture’s page was rendered inaccessible to the public shortly after Cardi published the tweet.

Kanye West, who called out his estranged wife Kim Kardashian for letting their oldest daughter North to use TikTok over the weekend, as mentioned by several of the Roommates. “Since this is my first divorce, I need to know what I should do about my kid being put on TikTok against my will?” Ye wrote on Instagram, as previously reported.

Kim quickly responded with her own tweet, claiming that North utilizes the popular app for self-expression and creativity. She went on to say that North is only allowed to use the app with adult supervision.

North’s account appears to be still active, despite Ye’s response revealing TikTok’s standards. Do you think children should use social media, roommates?

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