We were all watching the spectacular Backyard Brawl with Patrick Mahomes

The return of the Backyard Brawl between West Virginia and Pitt was as entertaining as advertised, and Chiefs QB Patrick Mahomes and all of college football Twitter were enthralled.

Football games that receive a lot of hype occasionally fall short. But after that? Oh my god, it’s great.The Backyard Brawl, one of the most ferocious rivalries in college football, was reignited by Thursday’s game between West Virginia and Pittsburgh.

Given that the distance between the two sides was only 70 miles, the anticipation for their first conflict since 2011 was, of course, tremendous.

The game that followed was more than worth all of the suspense. They traded blows, finished the first half knotted at 10-10, and started the second half with a whirlwind of momentum shifts, mistakes, and dramatic moments.Even Patrick Mahomes joined the conversation on Twitter.

By scoring the game’s last 14 points, Pitt overcame a deficit to record the victory thanks to an interception return for a touchdown. The action was exciting and deserved Mahomes’ analysis.

Not only was Mahomes entranced by the game. College football was widely discussed on Twitter.

38–31 in favor of Pittsburgh. Kedon Slovis, a USC transfer, overcame several sacks—most of which were his fault—to finish with 308 yards and a touchdown. Lately, Konata Mumpfield shone with five catches for 71 yards.

JT Daniels, a Georgia transfer and another former USC quarterback, helped West Virginia keep the lead in part.

He got two touchdowns and 214 yards, but he also had a crucial interception. That disastrous error saw the ball leave his receivers’ hands and land in a defender’s.

CJ Donaldson for the Mountaineers was a monster on the ground, gaining 125 yards and scoring a touchdown.