When asked about Britney Spears’ pregnancy, Justin Timberlake didn’t…


When asked about Britney Spears’ pregnancy, Justin Timberlake didn’t mean to “shade” her

When a paparazzi asked him about his opinions on his ex’s pregnancy, the “SexyBack” singer didn’t want to sound nasty.

When a paparazzi asked about the “Toxic” singer’s recent pregnancy news, Justin Timberlake advised him to “go away.”

According to Page Six, the video shows the “Rock Your Body” singer going down the street when someone filming him inquires about his ex-recent girlfriend’s pregnancy.

According to a source close to him, Justin, 41, is “glad” for Britney, 40, but he’s “weary” of being questioned about her whenever she has a major life event, according to HollywoodLife EXCLUSIVELY.

According to the source, Justin is ecstatic about his ex, and he didn’t want him instructing the person filming to “stop” to be seen negatively.

“Justin is ecstatic for Britney, and he recognizes what a wonderful mother she is.” The person added, “He had no intention of slamming Britney.” “At this time, the last thing he needs is additional drama in his life.”

A source close to Justin revealed that he’s ‘tired’ of questions about Britney.

According to the insider, Justin is tired of being asked about a romance that ended years ago, which is why he may have come across as negative.

“He didn’t mean to come out as callous or angry, but Justin is bombarded with inquiries about Britney whenever she is in the headlines.

“Everyone in Hollywood has an ex, and despite the fact that they were the couple to watch for a long time, he’s weary of people constantly associating them,” the person added.

“Justin has a wife and children, and he’s obviously moved on.” He wants everyone else to do as well.

In an Instagram post on Monday, April 11, Britney revealed that she is expecting her third child and first with her fiancé, Sam Asghari.

Britney’s ex-husband and father of her boys, Jayden and Sean, Kevin Federline, expressed his support for his ex-wife in a statement released by his lawyer the day after she announced her pregnancy.

In a statement to E! News, the lawyer said he “wishes her a happy and healthy pregnancy” and “congratulates her and Sam Asghari as they embark on the exciting journey of planning parenthood together.”