Will Oscar Tshiebwe play basketball for Kentucky next season?

Will Oscar Tshiebwe Return To Kentucky Basketball Next Season?

Oscar Tshiebwe had a memorable debut season as a member of the Kentucky basketball team. Is there going to be a second, or is he going to the NBA Draft?

After he won the Naismith Men’s College Player of the Year award on Sunday, Oscar Tshiebwe now has about as many Player of the Year awards as he can fit on each finger.

He’s a two-time All-American and a school record holder.

The only thing we don’t know about him is whether or not he’ll be an NBA Draft prospect.

Will Oscar Tshiebwe play basketball for Kentucky next season?

The good news for Kentucky fans is that Tshiebwe’s return appears to be a possibility.

I’ve been praying about it, and I know I’m facing a major decision. On Sunday, Tshiebwe added, “It’s all up to God.”

Tshiebwe’s comments on CBS Sports Network are the most interesting because of his Kentucky experience.

“It would be fantastic to be back in blue because I adore the town, the fans, and everything about Kentucky,” he remarked. “But I’m going to make whatever decision God has told me to make.”

Oscar Tshiebwe is an NBA draft prospect

One of the strongest motivations for Tshiebwe returning to Kentucky for another season is his draft stock. He simply isn’t pushing the NBA’s needle.

Tshiebwe has been drafted in the second round in recent mock drafts by Bleacher Report and USA Today. It’s almost impossible to find him in a first-round mock draft.

If he declares for the selection and makes a stronger impression in evaluations, that may change, but he doesn’t appear to be more than a marginal first-rounder in this cycle.

He would be able to make more of an impact if he came back. At the same time, his team would be able to have more success in the NCAA Tournament.