Will Smith’s Oscar slap incident is discussed by Willow Smith with Chris Rock

The Smith family has long been the subject of media interest, but this year’s Oscars saw a pinnacle in that attention as Will Smith performed what was arguably the most divisive act in Oscar history.

Will Pinkett Smith’s wife, Jada Pinkett Smith, was one of the targets of jokes made by comedian Chris Rock when he stood up to accept an award.

At first, Will seemed to enjoy the prank, but a little while later, Will was seen approaching the stage. After giving Chris Rock a hard slap in the face, Will yelled at Rock from his seat, not to mention his wife.

The incident shocked the entire world, and everyone—including Will’s family—had something to say about it. Willow, the daughter of Will, has not specifically addressed the occurrence up until this point.

In a recent interview with Billboard, Willow discussed the incident and said that her own internal issues rocked her more than the occurrence itself.

Because of their status as celebrities, people tend to expect them to be perfect, despite Willow’s assertion that her dad is only a human and that her family is just as human as anybody else. These are her exact remarks.

“I recognize the humanity in each member of my family, and I embrace and love them for it. Our humanness isn’t always appreciated because of the situation we’re in, and we’re sometimes required to behave in a way that’s not conducive to a good human life or to being honest. “

Will Smith just made an apologetic video on YouTube and went into great detail about the entire situation. Will also apologized to Chris Rock and his family in the video, saying that he tried to contact the comedian but was told that Rock wasn’t yet ready to speak with him.