Abortionist Compares Abortions to Miscarriage: “God Performs Way More Abortions Than I Do”

Abortionist Leah Torres appears to get a kick out of creating outrageous statements concerning the killing of unborn infants on-line.

Though Torres claims she has by no means “killed a baby,” she as soon as admitted to chopping unborn infants’ “cords” in abortions so they can not scream. She routinely assaults pro-life advocates by spouting pro-abortion propaganda on Twitter.

Over the weekend, she got here out with one other technique of inflicting outrage by attacking pro-lifers who consider in God.

“God performs way more abortions than I do,” Torres claimed Thursday on Twitter.

People shortly referred to as out the issues in Torres’s pondering, together with somebody named Margaret P. Houston who stated she is “pro-choice.”

“… I’m pro-choice, but I also lost a son at birth, and had a miscarriage, and that was f— nature doing it, not God,” she responded to Torres. “Please don’t make this argument. God grieves with me. He doesn’t do this to me.”

LifeInformation addressed the distinction between miscarriage and abortion as nicely.

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An abortion could be very completely different from a miscarriage due to intent. In a miscarriage, the unborn child dies of pure circumstances. In an abortion, the unborn child is purposefully killed.

Others identified that related arguments could possibly be made about any mass killing.

Another response introduced up how not all pro-life advocates consider in God. Secular Pro-Life estimates there are about 6 million non-religious pro-lifers within the U.S. alone.

For pro-lifers who’re Jewish and Christian, Torres utterly misunderstood their beliefs about abortion. Judaeo-Christian teachings say that each human being is efficacious as a result of they’re created in God’s picture, and trendy science has proven that human life begins at conception. Scripture teaches that human beings will not be supposed to kill different harmless human beings, and God alone is the giver and taker of life.

As one individual succinctly summed it up to Torres, “You are not God.”

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