According to a senior Ukrainian defense official, Ukrainian soldiers have…

Ukrainian Forces Retake Kyiv, Senior Ukrainian Defense Official Says

According to a senior Ukrainian defense official, Ukrainian soldiers have retaken Kyiv

According to a senior Ukrainian defense official, Ukrainian troops took control of the city of Kyiv and the surrounding area on Saturday, as Russian troops left the city.

After Ukrainian President Volodymyr highlighted a “slow but perceptible” departure of Russian troops in the country’s northern regions, Ukraine’s Deputy Defense Minister, Anna Malyar, stated Ukrainian forces had “liberated” Kyiv from “the invader.”

Mr. Zelenskyy, on the other hand, warned that the region would take a long time to recover and that Russian missile strikes in the area remained a risk.

“We’re making progress.” Mr. Zelenskyy stated in his nightly address on Friday that he was “moving slowly.” “And anyone returning to this location must use extreme caution!”It’s still impossible to go back to the way things were.”

Even after the battle, “we return to the areas,” he remarked. “I’m afraid you’ll have to wait.” We’ll have to wait for our land to be cleared. Wait until you’re certain that more shelling isn’t possible. “

And the region continues to be bombarded by reminders of the war’s toll.

Maks Levin, a well-known Ukrainian photojournalist, was found dead in a town north of Kyiv on Friday, according to Ukraine’s prosecutor general’s office.

Mr. Levin, who had been missing since last month, was allegedly shot by the Russian military, according to the prosecutor general’s office, which stated an inquiry is underway.

According to Ukraine’s deputy prime minister, Iryna Vereshchuk, 765 people from Mariupol were evacuated by private automobiles on Saturday.

Since the start of the war more than a month ago, the city in Ukraine’s southeast on the Sea of Azov has been the target of Russian assaults. The city provides Russia with a land bridge to Crimea, which it annexed in 2014.

Because its personnel had not received guarantees that the road was secure, the International Committee of the Red Cross announced on Friday that it would not attempt to enter the city and begin evacuating citizens as planned. The Russian military, according to city officials, obstructed entrance.

Approximately 100,000 people are thought to be left in Mariupol, where they face severe food, water, and medicine shortages.