After taking a fastball to the head and shoulder, Mets star Pete Alonso…

Mets Star Pete Alonso Appears To Be Fine After Taking Fastball To Head, Shoulder

After taking a fastball to the head and shoulder, Mets star Pete Alonso appeared to be fine

The New York Mets’ first baseman, Pete Alonso, was hit in the shoulder/head by a pitch during the team’s opening day game against the Washington Nationals.

On Opening Day, the New York Mets were making a terrific first impression, leading 5-1 in the bottom of the ninth inning. In that inning, though, the squad and the fans were given quite a scare.

With a 2-2 count against Mason Thompson, first baseman Pete Alonso was hit high by a 94.9 mph sinker. Before he hit the ground, Alonso’s helmet flew off.

Buck Showalter, his manager, took him out of the game right away.

Pete Alonso has left the game after getting hit by a pitch.

Starling Marte voiced his displeasure, as it’s the 3rd time a Nationals pitcher has hit a Met tonight.

— SNY (@SNYtv) April 8, 2022

On Opening Day, Pete Alonso was hit in the head and shoulder by a fastball

As a result of the hit by pitch, Alonso’s mouth was bloodied. While he did quit the game, he was later seen icing his mouth in the dugout.

Pete Alonso, after getting hit by a pitch on his shoulder/helmet and departing down the tunnel with a trainer, is back in the Mets dugout smiling and icing his mouth.

— Deesha (@DeeshaThosar) April 8, 2022

Starling Marte was seen holding up three fingers in the SNY video posted above, indicating his displeasure. That was the number of times in the Opening Day game that Mets players were hit by pitches. James McCann, the catcher, was hit twice more.

The Mets hung on for a 5-1 victory to start the season 1-0.