Archie Bunker lives and he now sports a man-bun

Liberal TV producer Norman Lear created certainly one of TV’s biggest icons within the 1970’s. He wished to create a character to symbolize America’s ignorance and intolerance, somebody clinging to a previous false narrative of American greatness, refusing to simply accept the liberal adjustments occurring throughout him.

With his hit present All within the Family Lear created Archie Bunker — masterfully portrayed by Carroll O’Connor — a good however easy and uneducated man whose prejudice was his pleasure. Archie embodied the sentiment, “America, love it or leave it.”

If All within the Family have been rebooted at the moment, Archie could be a progressive. Love it or depart it.

I dwell in Boulder, the progressive city that buys billboard house to promote its tolerance, acceptance and variety.

I keep in mind being within the checkout line at my neighborhood King Soopers. The gentleman subsequent to me stared and mentioned, “Aren’t you that Caldara guy?” I smiled, put out my hand, “Hi, I’m Jon Caldara.” His response, “Why don’t you just (expletive) leave.” To which I might solely reply, “and miss all the tolerance and acceptance Boulder has to offer?”

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