Beabadoobee shares new song “Last Day On Earth”

Beabadoobee shares new song “Last Day On Earth”

Beabadaebee has dropped a video for a new song “the last day on earth”. The song, its first new material, as it releasing 2020 false debut flowers, was copro to along with Matty Healy and George Daniel of the 1975s. BeabadoObee is signed with the label of dirty success of the band and joined them in the countryside English to record new material as the world entered into blocking this time last year.

The study time resulted in a new EPS material; Our extended play is due at the end of this year. Speaking about the new material in a statement, Beabadaebee explained that the pandemic was in his mind during the writing process.

“‘The last day in Earth’ it is about all the things that she would have done if she had known that we were going to a block and the world was going to change the way he has done,” she said. “It was written shortly after the first Main Blockdown and Lyrically is I reflecting on how I would feel if we all knew in advance what was going to happen, all the things I would have done if I knew it was the last day of our old normality.”

“I wrote and recorded the EP on a farm with Matty and George of the 1975s in the field, it was really nice to be able to create together, my first time writing and recording on a farm. I wanted to experience sounds and sonics. Even more And the PE for me has a feeling of union for that … how we are all in this united as one “.

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