Chinese Hospital in Guangdong deploys AI cameras to detect blindness-causing diseases

Last week, Deqing county hospital in Guangdong Province launched free consultations that includes artificial-intelligence (AI) cameras to detect ocular fundus diseases, that are main causes of blindness, in accordance to a report by Xinhua News. About 300 residents from Zhaoqing City in Dequing County attended the free session classes.

The hospital turned the primary to use the system, co-developed by China’s search engine Baidu and Sun Yat-sen University, to serve most of the people. The instrument is able to diagnosing three varieties of fundus issues — diabetic retinopathy, glaucoma and macular degeneration. It scans the eyes and generates a report in 10 seconds, all finished with out the necessity for an ophthalmologist to be current. Baidu’s AI-powered digital camera was first unveiled in China in November 2018, in accordance to a MobiHealth News article.

Fundus diseases are a significant reason behind blindness in the creating world, the place the brief provide of eye medical doctors and devices has stymied well timed analysis and therapy. China, with a inhabitants of 1.39 billion, has solely 1000’s of ophthalmologists able to analysing fundus images screening.

“As a doctor working at the grassroots level, I believe AI can greatly help in all aspects of screening. For instance, there is so much imaging data during medical checkups and it takes up a lot of time and energy for doctors to physically look at this data, which is simply not efficient. In ophthalmology, the use of AI to verify test results from fluorescein angiography and OCT examinations can help doctors expedite their analysis, which saves time and improves their efficiency,” stated Dr Honghu Xia, Director of Ophthalmology at Deqing county hospital.

Xu Yanwu, a Baidu engineer creating the instrument, stated the AI cameras have been particularly designed to tackle the dearth of medical devices and ophthalmologists at grassroots well being amenities.

“It is easy to use and can be operated by a non-professional. Its 94-percent sensitivity and specificity at analysing photos can match a senior doctor at a tertiary hospital,” Xu stated.

As of 10 January 2019, Baidu already has 4 of stated AI cameras working in 4 hospitals in Deqing County to help ophthalmologists in fundus screening. It is estimated that by finish of March, Guangdong Province can have 14 hospitals utilizing the AI digital camera instrument.

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