Girls Enter the Boys’ World of Flipping

Forrest Bless, vp of promoting for AlleyOOP trampolines, says his agency is actively engaged with the flipping group every day. “We are always on the lookout to sponsor high-caliber female flippers,” he says.

The actuality is that youthful women in the Gtramp home on Instagram haven’t however amassed the big followings youthful males have (to be truthful, the frequent 14-year-old Gtramp boy moreover has a modest following of decrease than a thousand). The kids who do the largest strategies — some are doing as lots as quintuple flips and twists — are inclined to get seen the most, and to this point, it’s the boys who’re doing the largest strategies.

Lori Maher, whose daughter Elise Maher started flipping two years in the previous, says that the sport has been a great outlet the place Elise can bond with pals, every feminine and male. She notes that Elise has all the time marched to the beat of her private drum, a personality trait that seems to make use of to most flippers.

Indeed, girl flippers are inclined to quote the similar points they love about parkour or Gtramp that boys do: the group, the indisputable fact that they will progress on their very personal, and the absolute freedom of movement.

“I love that I’m always competing against myself,” says Elise, who’s 14 and lives in Arlington, Va., and has not at all carried out gymnastics (“I hate when people call me a gymnast!” she says). Elise finds that she needs the every day launch of flipping on the trampoline or tumbling on the ground, notably after being cooped up at school all day.

“Flipping helps me get my energy out,” she says. She spends hours teaching day by day, tough herself and posting her progress to her Instagram account. Her flipping time is unstructured, however it certainly’s no a lot much less intense — or a lot much less important to her — than a structured workers observe might be. She says she is as safety acutely conscious as any coach might be, and has found recommendations on administration her movement and make smart selections.

“Flipping is a perfect fit for Elise,” says her mother. “She has become an incredibly physically strong person. It’s really helped her to shine, as well as to feel comfortable and confident, which is so important for a teenage girl.”

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