If Russia employs chemical weapons in Ukraine, Biden promises to take action

President Biden said on Thursday that if Russia deploys chemical weapons in Ukraine, the US will respond, but that it will depend on the scenario.

Mr. Biden refused to reveal intelligence regarding the potential threat of Russian President Vladimir Putin deploying a chemical weapon in Ukraine while speaking at the NATO meeting in Belgium. However, he stated that no action would be taken without scrutiny.

“If [Mr. Putin] uses it, we will respond,” he warned. “The type of reaction would be determined by the type of use.”

When asked if NATO would respond if chemical weapons were used in Ukraine, Mr. Biden said the alliance would make a decision at the moment.

NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg said earlier Thursday that the military alliance will beef up its defenses against chemical and nuclear weapons as fears grow that Russia will use such weapons.

Mr. Stoltenberg stated this at a NATO summit convened to plan a response to Russia’s war on Ukraine.