It’s tick season – here’s what you need to know about Lyme disease

It is tick season as soon as extra and it is anticipated to be one different unhealthy one. According to theCenters for Disease Control and Prevention, the number of of us acknowledged with Lyme disease throughout the United States has tripled due to the late 1990s. And proper right here in Pennsylvania, Lyme disease impacts lots of of residents yearly.

Lyme disease is a bacterial an infection attributable to a bit from a contaminated tick. Symptoms can manifest up to a month after a thick chunk. The Mayo Clinic tales:

From three to 30 days after a contaminated tick chunk, an growing crimson area could seem that usually clears throughout the coronary heart, forming a bull’s-eye pattern. The rash (erythema migrans) expands slowly over days and may unfold to 12 inches (30 centimeters) all through. It’s typically not itchy or painful nonetheless could actually really feel the warmth to the contact.” 

Erythema migrans is a spherical rash that may also develop to fully totally different parts of your physique, not merely the placement of the chunk. Other indicators you may experience embrace fever, chills, aches, headache, stiffness and swollen lymph nodes. You may actually really feel drained regularly.

When not caught and dealt with early adequate, Lyme disease can lead to joint ache and irritation, and even neurological and coronary coronary heart points.

What is likely one of the easiest methods to defend your self from tick bites? (Sources embrace CDC, Mayo Clinic, Cleveland Clinic and Pennsylvania Department of Health.)

• Don’t stroll in areas with tall grass, and when mountaineering, hold throughout the coronary heart of the path

• Use insect repellent with DEET

• Make sure your canine are protected in direction of ticks, too

• Take a shower as shortly as you get once more from a hike throughout the woods or hanging out in any acknowledged tick-infested area – and look at your self completely for any hanger-ons

• Have any person look at your hair, scalp and any hard-to-reach areas for ticks for you. Parents ought to look at their children from head to toe

• To kill any ticks in your garments, dry them on extreme for about 10 minutes.

Keep in ideas that you are additional prone to contracting Lyme disease if the tick remained attached to you for not lower than 36 hours. If you uncover a tick in your physique, use tweezers to pull it out rigorously with out crushing the physique, after which use an antiseptic on the chunk mark.

If you start to experience any indicators of Lyme disease after being bitten, make an appointment alongside along with your doctor as shortly as potential. In its early ranges, it could be merely dealt with with antibiotics.

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