Jesse Winker apologizes to the fans—and only the fans—after the fight…

Jesse Winker apologizes to the fans—and only the fans—after the fight against the Angels

Jesse Winker, an outfielder for the Mariners, expressed regret for insulting fans during the major altercation with the Angels, but that was all he had to say.

After LA’s Andrew Wantz hit Jesse Winker in the hip in the second inning, the Mariners and Angels engaged in a full-fledged altercation on Sunday.

Winker was upset, particularly because Julio Rodriguez had been hit hard by the pitcher in the first inning. After Mike Trout had a fastball go by his head on Saturday night, everything was seen as payback.

Since this was baseball, it was only natural for the benches to clear, fists to be thrown, and six players, as well as both managers, to be dismissed from the game. By giving the Angels’ supporters the bird as he left, Winker provided an extra touch. Nobody in the MLB was pleased to watch the spectacle.

Winker had the opportunity to explain his conduct once the smoke had cleared.

Jesse Winker apologized for insulting Angels fans after the brawl

I’m simply going to apologise for flipping off the supporters. That’s it, according to Winkler and Greg Beacham. “They spent their hard-earned money to attend a game, and they didn’t deserve it. Therefore, I’m sorry to the fans, especially the women and kids.

The “women and children” comment was a little strange, but the main point is that Winker realized that insulting the supporters was going too far. It is clear that

It won’t really matter what he says about charging the Angels bench and starting the fight, even if he doesn’t want to. In either case, he’ll probably be suspended by MLB. It only depends on how long the league decides to bench him.

With their 2-1 win, the Angels were kind enough to end the series and let both teams move on.