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Here we’re, lower than a month earlier than Christmas, and Warden Newsom has put all of Southern California again on a restrictive lockdown.

Outdoor eating closed.

Beauty parlors, locked up.

The identical goes for playgrounds, zoos, museums, card rooms, aquariums, and wineries, amongst others.

And it wouldn’t be a Newsom lockdown if the nail salon women didn’t get hit too.

Personally, if I owned a nail salon I’d reopen in protest, and would solely paint my clients’ center fingernails.

You can’t be arrested in California anymore for sleeping on sidewalks, defecating or urinating in public, panhandling, having intercourse in public, or shopping for medicine in public.

However, you could be positioned beneath home arrest if there’s a pandemic.

Makes sense.

Newsom’s shutdowns mirror what was already achieved in Los Angeles County — one thing that was so shoddy that after being taken to courtroom by the California Restaurant Association, Superior Court Judge James Chalfant discovered that the county “acted arbitrarily and its decision lacks a rational relationship to a legitimate end.”

So, naturally, Newsom determined to take Los Angeles County’s failed logic statewide.

Ending the 12 months with OJ Simpson on the golf course and the remainder of us on residence confinement is so 2020.

The financial devastation as a direct result of these draconian lockdowns shall be crippling.

In January, California was projecting a $5.6 billion surplus, however, the pandemic shortly turned that right into a $54 billion deficit.  From March to May California noticed their tax revenues decline by 42 p.c, in comparison with the final 12 months.

In a state that depends closely on a progressive revenue tax to fund its funds, this implies there’s no dinero.

Predictably, Gov. Gavin Newsom is asking the federal authorities for a $14 billion bailout as a result of, “the federal government has a moral, ethical and economic obligation to help support the states.”

President Donald Trump ought to inform Newsom, and different blue state governors with their arms out, to pound sand.

The sole distinction between looting a Target due to police brutality and looting the U.S. Treasury as a result of there’s a pandemic is the sum of money concerned.

Speaking of which, are stolen massive display screen TVs and online game consoles thought-about taxable revenue?  If so, Newsom might use that tax income to bail out the state.

Since the 12 months 2000, California elevated their per capita state authorities spending by 50 p.c, in comparison with Texas who elevated their spending by solely 6 p.c, and Florida who lower their spending by 16 p.c.

Other massive blue states, like New York, Minnesota, and Illinois have additionally spent like loopy.

Try telling the great individuals of North Dakota that their taxes are going up as a result of LA colleges are open-air battlegrounds and Illinois retirees need one other elevate.

Let me understand how that goes for you.

Out of curiosity, the place was Illinois planning to get that $41 billion they’re going to want to steadiness their books earlier than COVID got here alongside?  I used to consider the coronavirus got here from a moist market in China.  Now I’m considering perhaps it was created at a lab in Chicago.

Fun truth, Illinois spends over 25 p.c of their total annual state funds on pensions for retired state staff, and I consider, the remainder on incarcerating former governors.

And why ought taxpayers in Florida repay Minnesota’s money owed?

Isn’t that robbing St. Petersburg to pay St. Paul?

Attention New York, Minnesota, California, and Illinois:  Maybe it’s essential to re-think your funds if it contains the road, “Start a really cool GoFundMe Page!”

If these states need more cash flowing into their coffers, they should open up their economies and let their residents return to work.

If they don’t, the one bailout they may see is companies and taxpayers bailing out of their states in big numbers.

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