Kimono runway show lights up Tokyo fashion week

TOKYO – Rock-met kimonos as Tokyo kicked off its fashion week with a surprising runway show that put an up to date twist on the usual Japanese garment.

Models hit the runway in kimono-inspired outfits ranging from colorful shoulderless minidresses with tall boots to full-length animation-print kimonos with standard “geta” clogs, as rock star-turned-designer Yoshiki carried out the piano.

Yoshiki, whose family as quickly as ran a kimono materials retailer, launched his Yoshikimono mannequin about 10 years prior to now, aiming to fuse customized and innovation to widen the garment’s attraction.

“I was wondering, how could I stimulate kimono culture, so I decided to combine rock-and-roll taste, or something punk rock, or even animation,” Yoshiki talked about after Monday’s event.

“It’s a challenge, but let’s see. Maybe 20 to 30 years ago I was trying to spread rock and roll in Japan … After 30 years rock is part of our life,” the co-founder of rock group X-Japan instructed reporters.

“So one of my missions can be spreading kimono culture throughout the world, including Japan.”

Yoshiki talked about he was nonetheless learning and trying to find suggestions from fashion commerce.

“But at the same time I’d like to be kind of disruptive, I’d like to break something. Art is all about destruction sometimes.”Belgian model Yumi Lambert walked the runway in a short, strapless checkered white robe, tied with an obi-inspired bow, and with a choker and black extreme heels.

“I’m really honored to be wearing a kimono that’s actually going in a new age,” she talked about. “Showing to the world that tradition can be adapted without being lost. I’m very happy to be part of this show.”

At the alternative end of the spectrum was the garment is worn by the Chinese model Naomi, which looked to be a typical colorful kimono until nearer inspection revealed a manga comic-strip pattern.

“Recently doing study abroad in Japan I had opportunities to wear kimono. But this time was different, with a lot of interesting things,” Naomi talked about.

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