Koons unveils giant ‘Bouquet of Tulips’ tribute to victims of 2015 Paris attacks

American artist Jeff Koons unveiled in Paris on Friday his sculpture Bouquet of Tulips, a tribute to the victims of militant Islamist attacks throughout the French capital in November 2015.

The 12-meter (40 ft) extreme piece depicts a giant hand squeezing a bouquet of eleven colorful tulips, a flower that in some cultures symbolizes love.

Koons said he created the Bouquet of Tulips to current Americans’ help and solidarity for the French people after the attacks whereby an entire of 130 people have been killed.

“I did, as a citizen in New York, experience 9/11 and the depression that hung over the city. It really took years for the city to be able to come to life again”, Koons instructed reporters.

Koons said that 80% of the proceeds from selling the copyright of the artwork will go to the victims’ households. The remaining 20% shall be devoted to its maintenance.

“The memory, commemorations, art, everything we do that can recall the memory of our loved ones, is vital”, said Dominique Kielemoes, a member of the “13onze15” victims’ affiliation who misplaced her son throughout the attacks.

The inauguration of the artwork comes after years of dispute. The distinctive venue for the work, shut to Paris landmark the Palais de Tokyo, was abandoned after officers decided it interrupted views of the Eiffel Tower, French media reported.

The venue lastly chosen is shut to the Petit Palais, an artwork museum in central Paris.

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