Lil Mama criticizes black women who use social media to express their sexuality

Lil Mama Critiques Black Women Tapping Into Their Sexy Side On Social Media

On Sunday, Lil Mama posted a heartfelt message to her personal Instagram account. The artist chose to make a statement about women who use the ‘gram — and other social media platforms — to express their sexiness. But Lil Mama’s tweet wasn’t about women in general; instead, she targeted out Black women.

“You’d think that sh*t was a mass mandate because there are so many Black women bent over on social media,” Lil Mama added.

She also included a facepalm emoticon to emphasize her dissatisfaction with the social media activity. Mama chose to focus on the absence of regular exercises as opposed to the large number of “body looking goodT” posts.

“I get it, you’ve “grown”…but EVERY DAY? She inquired, “What day are you classy?” “Are you just spending time with your family?” “Are you really working out?”

She went on to remark that she finds it “embarrassing” to witness Black women exploiting this sexy so frequently.