Marketing in the Fyre Festival economy

If you are employed in the City of London, chances are you’ll want seen this airport-and-skinny-jeans-clad bro prowling the streets as you made your means into the office this morning (picture courtesy of a person often called Brennan on Twitter, on account of we didn’t deal with to get shut enough to him for a clear shot):

In case you can study the textual content material, it says:

I @ George.Rawlings
On my girLfriend
and that’s my

Do noT DownLoad [sic] Honeypot*

*in case you might be in a relationship

It appears — you’ll not at all think about it — that George. Rawlings is the co-founder and CEO of Honeypot, the courting app he is flogging. He hilariously tells us, via Instagram that “What you read wasn’t true, it never happened. I needed to get your attention and catch your attention.” But in spite of everything.

(Before any readers inform us that we’re pandering to what George. Rawlings needs us to do in scripting this submits: everyone knows, and also you is likely to be correct. But in the Fyre Festival economy typically requires documenting, for posterity.)

The agency’s tagline is “’In the moment’ dating”, which sounds masses to us like a hook-up app, nevertheless apparently is about “micro-dating”. They moreover ceaselessly remind people to solely receive the app in the occasion that they’re single:

We don’t know whether or not or not George. Rawlings did or didn’t cheat on his girlfriend, or if he has a girlfriend, nevertheless it form of seems like he needs people who do have girlfriends to acquire his app.

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