Massive steel sculpture takes pride of place on Belgian highway

A 60-meter tall semi-circle of steel stable to look from a distance like a towering nevertheless incomplete ring is able to shock drivers taking a scenic tour inside the south of Belgium to France or Luxembourg.

Designed by French conceptual artist Bernar Venet and often called L’Arc Majeur, the big sculpture was put in on Tuesday at Lavaux-Sainte-Anne, a small metropolis alongside the busy 411 highway.

“Today we are installing, what everybody agrees to say, the biggest sculpture in the world,” talked about Venet. “But I hope the artistic meaning of this arch will be more important than its size.”

“The perception for the drivers is the most important. Because of the natural steel color after oxidation, it looks especially spectacular during sunset,” he talked about, calling the mission the assumption of a 35-year dream.

Venet had initially wished to place within the sculpture, made out of 200 tonnes of steel and set in 2,800 tonnes of concrete, in France nevertheless ran into diverse obstacles and in the end found a home for it in Belgium.

“Two hundred meetings with French and it didn’t work for so many years. One week of talks in Belgium, and it’s done,” talked about Venet, who was awarded the International Sculpture Center’s Lifetime Achievement in Contemporary Sculpture Award in 2016.

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