New Jersey man dies of rare tick-borne Powassan virus

An aged Sussex County man died closing month after affected by the outcomes of a rare virus transmitted by deer ticks.

The county division of properly being confirmed an investigation of the man’s demise this week as a second case of the infection — commonly known as Powassan virus — was reported in Sussex County.

While the county did not decide the sufferer or positively say he was killed by Powassan virus, the man’s daughter received right here forward to the New Jersey Herald to substantiate the evaluation.

Dianne Rude said her father, 80-year-old Armand Desormeaux, of Hampton, died May 16 at Newton Medical Center. An infectious sickness doctor confirmed that Desormeaux had Powassan virus after testing was achieved by the Centers for Disease Control & Prevention.

The CDC says many people who turn into contaminated with the virus don’t develop indicators. An incubation interval can take as a lot as a month sooner than victims are impacted by sudden havoc on the central nervous system. In important circumstances, victims can develop encephalitis or meningitis.

Rude said her father had been comparatively healthful for his age up until he started experiencing disturbing indicators — uncontrollable tremors, loss of verbal talents and incapacity to maneuver his limbs.

Desormeaux reported that he’d been bitten by a tick whereas gardening spherical April 15, nonetheless, said he eradicated it and didn’t assume quite a bit of it in consequence of he saw no rash or mark.

Powassan virus is carried by deer ticks and woodchuck ticks. People who produce different medical circumstances are further vulnerable to the virus than those which might be healthful and whereas the virus is normally not lethal, many surviving victims are left with neurological indicators for the remaining of their lives.

There have solely been about 75 circumstances of Powassan virus throughout the United States over the previous 75 years, ten of them lethal since 2008. Only one completely different specific particular person in New Jersey, a Warren County girl who turned contaminated in 2013, has died from the virus.

Officials said the second specific particular person contaminated with the virus in Sussex County is now at home recovering.

As tick season enters full swing, these spending time outdoors is usually recommended to take precautions in direction of bites and take a look at themselves after actions that can depart them uncovered.

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