San Antonio man’s backyard invaded by pack of adorable armadillos

San Antonio man's backyard invaded by pack of adorable armadillos

There are heaps of surprises that embrace the obligation of being a house owner – and some surprises are additional adorable than others.

One native home proprietor, Scott Walters, was significantly surprised to see a pack of youthful armadillos tearing up his backyard earlier this month, though he wasn’t all too bothered.

“I like to share my yard with the local critters,” Walters wrote on NextDoor, alerting his neighbors throughout the Deerfield neighborhood of the “Armadillo Party” in his backyard. “They were here first after all.”

Walters tells that he put two and two collectively, realizing that the youthful armadillos have been terribly native (they’re Texas’s state small mammal as of 1995, in spite of every part). His backyard, which he says is prolonged and deep, shares a fence with 5 of his neighbors, one of which later had a litter of 4 armadillos born beneath their deck. Walters says a pair of his completely different neighbors have moreover seen the armadillos, nonetheless, he purchased shut ample to catch the critters throughout the act.

“They were just digging away to their little hearts’ content,” Walters jokes.

While he says one different neighbor with a pristine yard in a short while shooed away the mammals, Walters has taken a definite technique to the armadillo invasion.

“I sort of let nature take its course. I could cover up the holes as they dig them, but once it rains it kind of fills the hole in a little bit,” Walters tells “My backyard is not nicely manicured, so I’m not too worried about it.”

The nature facet of the neighborhood is a component of the rationale why Walters and his partner Laurie bought the home about 2 years up to now. With a backyard with loads of room for added guests, Walters says he’s made a bit of a sport out of the armadillo sightings alongside together with his 8-year-old daughter, Abigail.

“We see them usually every day,” Walters explains. He says this allows him to ask Abigail what quantity of armadillos she’s seen and the place throughout the yard day by day.

“They’re still coming around. They’re still doing well,” he clarifies. “When it’s one by himself or herself, they seem to be a little skittish, but when they’re all together not so much.”

Aside from the roll of armadillos, which Walters says are close to full-grown now in consequence of consuming successfully, the family has seen foxes, opossums, and even hawks occasionally. They have moreover seen a pair of good horned owls, which Walters jokes have been like a husband and partner that hooted at each other very loudly.

Though completely different locals are in all probability not as enthusiastic about animals and nature as he is, Walters feels it is vitally necessary to carry their distance from the armadillos must they encounter some of their very personal neighborhood.

“The first time I saw the armadillos, I walked up to them and I petted them,” Walters admits, saying the critters have been youthful and actually docile. “They’re not terribly cuddly.”

Though he couldn’t help himself, Walters advises completely different locals from making that exact same mistake.

“They’re cute and ugly at the same time, I think more cute than ugly,” Walters says. “They do carry leprosy and Hanson’s disease. If you do come into contact with one, you may want to wash your hands afterward.”

You heard it proper right here first from the armadillo whisperer, San Antonio.

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