Toyota, Paccar team up on clean hydrogen trucks for polluted LA ports

“Drivers like these trucks because they are peppy and quiet,” Lindgren talked about.

The fuel-cell system that may in all probability be used inside the prototypes will in all probability be geared up by Toyota and is an up to this point mannequin of an distinctive examine car that operated on the ports this earlier 12 months. The new trucks will actually pair two stacks producing about 228 kilowatts, or 306 horsepower. That understates the power the experience delivers on account of motors that drive the wheels produce giant portions of torque — though Paccar and Toyota officers didn’t have the last word torque numbers obtainable.

Improving effectivity and easing the job of a fuel-cell truck’s driver, the Paccar/Toyota experience would require solely a four-speed transmission, pretty than the 18-gear transmissions inside the typical Class 8 truck.

In manufacturing, within the meantime, Andy Lund, the Toyota chief engineer on the mission, talked about the trucks would have the equivalent payload functionality as a diesel rig.

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