Victoria’s Secret models Kelsey Merritt and Jared Leto were seen having…

Victoria’s Secret models Kelsey Merritt and Jared Leto were seen having a private moment

Hollywood actor Jared Leto, 50, recently paid a visit to Russian model Daria Korchina in Italy while he was there to see an American friend who is presently recuperating. Leto was recently photographed in Sardinia with 25-year-old model Kelsey Merritt.

While on vacation, the pair went rock climbing and spent time on a yacht. Leto helped his friend because he is a skilled rock climber and was practicing this activity.

Although it is uncertain what kind of relationship the two have because the actor always maintains his private life secret, the media are already actively attributing the novel to the couple.

Kelsey is a New York resident. She made history as the first Filipino-American to walk the Victoria’s Secret runway and to appear in the swimsuit edition of Sports Illustrated.

Conor Dwyer, an American swimmer who won the Olympics, was the focus of her relationship. The couple broke up earlier this year after dating for more than three years.

It’s crucial to remember that Summer has recently grown fond of youthful models. Years passed before he developed feelings for Daria Korchina and Kelsey after spending time with Valeria Kaufman, a Russian woman. How far and how long this relationship will persist will only become clear with time.

The brunette claimed to have tried scuba diving for the first time on Monday. More than 1.7 million people follow her on Instagram. She also provided images of their meal at Cala Di Volpe.

Cameron Diaz, Katy Perry, Lindsay Lohan, Scarlett Johansson, Ashely Olsen, and model Valery Kaufman are among the celebrities Jared has previously been linked to. If the two are dating, it is unknown.

She dated Olympian Conor Dwyer from 2018 until their rumored split earlier this year.

Kelsey, who now calls New York City home, made history in 2018 by being the first Filipina-American to walk the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show runway. She was also featured in the swimsuit section of Sports Illustrated.