Volunteers from the United States are removing Americans from Ukraine

U.s. Volunteers Evacuating Americans From Ukraine

According to the organization, approximately two dozen American individuals are being rescued in Ukraine by a non-profit organization.

Project Dynamo, a Florida-based non-profit that was established in August to assist in the evacuation of American citizens and refugees from Afghanistan, is now operating inside Ukraine, where Russia launched an invasion on Thursday.

“Right now, our team is working to get the first group of about two dozen Americans out of Ukraine. According to Project Dynamo spokesman James Judge, they are currently traveling the Ukrainian countryside in search of an American embassy in a nearby country. “Minutes after our team on the ground in Kyiv physically felt the close explosions yesterday night, the evacuation began.”

Since the assault began, the organization has seen a huge increase in requests for evacuations.

A request for comment from the State Department was not immediately returned.

In mid-January, Project Dynamo volunteers conducted a pre-deployment site reconnaissance in Ukraine to coordinate resources and develop relationships in advance of a large-scale evacuation of Americans.

Bryan Stern, one of Project Dynamo’s co-founders, appealed for funds to help the endeavor.

“It’s critical to remember that, aside from our brave volunteers, none of this would be possible without the financial contributions of our very kind supporters,” he stated. “So consider this as a rallying cry: We need your help to keep these rescue attempts funded.”

Since its founding in August, the group has evacuated more than 200 Americans and 2,000 Afghan refugees.